All Classes take place on the Cobblestone Elementary School Campus.
All Classes are from 10:00am - 3:00pm
Grade    Days    Teacher    Room
K-1 Tue/Thur Mrs. Lake 30
2-3 Tue/Thur Mrs. Hampleman 29
4-6 Wed/Fri Mrs. Benson 30

 Lunch Options: 
  • Students will be escorted to the Cobblestone Cafeteria and supervised for their lunch period.
  • Students have option to bring their lunch or order through the cafeteria.
  • To load money onto student's lunch account, please click here.
  • Free & Reduced Lunch Applications are available in the main office or here.
Mandatory Group Parent Meetings:  Provide parents the opportunity to collaborate best practices.
K-5 Parent Meetings: Time & Location TBD
Grade 6 Parent Meetings: Time & Location TBD


RICA offers families a blended and balanced approach to K-6 education by combining school-site instruction with home-based learning. RICA's elementary program is housed on an elementary campus within the Rocklin Unified School District's family of schools. While participating in class activities, RICA students share the school's library, playground, and lunch program.

School and Family Collaborative Education

The Rocklin Independent Charter Academy partners with families to provide a unique learning model where students can discover their  and  in a  and  learning environment.

Our Model

2 days of AT SCHOOL ~ Project-Based Learning
 3 days AT HOME ~ Family-Facilitated Learning

Students attend school either Tuesday AND Thursday OR Wednesday AND Friday with additional opportunities to participate in after school clubs. At-school learning is project-based, taught by credentialed teachers and integrates Science and Math. At-home learning (also called family facilitated off-site learning) focuses on English Language Arts, Social Studies and Extracurricular activities. Families are the primary educators on non-classroom days and are provided guidance and materials by supervising credentialed teachers in order to to be successful as at-home educators.

Why Choose RICA and Homeschool?

"Homeschooling provides opportunities to explore passion projects."
"RICA focuses on the learner as much as the learning."
"Homeschooling enables the flexibility to participate in extracurricular learning that there is often little time for when students spend 35+ hours per week at school."
"RICA has amazing, passionate, and compassionate teachers!"
"Project-based learning is awesome!"

Program Highlights 

  • Home-School Partnership
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Multi-age grouping
  • Small class sizes
  • Mastery of "essential skills"
  • Instills Compassionate communication skills
  • Challenging and engaging content that accommodates diverse learning styles
  • Learning-by-doing curriculum
  • Opportunities for student voice and choice and personalization to reflect students' passions, interests, and needs
  • Credentialed, experienced, and dedicated teachers
  • Community of care and collaboration 
  • 21st century learning and real-world problem solving

Library Catalog

Dinosaur Day (Grades 3-5)

Dinosaur Day (Grades 3-5)title

Adults standing in a library
Children looking at a display in the library
Children eating lunch
Children eating lunch
Children sitting at a table
Children and adults sitting at a table

Dinosaur Exhibit Day

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

White board art



How to run a Pizza Business Project

students examining contents of an owl pellet with tweezers and magnifying glass
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Elementary Back to School Day: August 15
First Day of School: August 16
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