District Wide Broadcast Message

Dear RICA Family,

I am truly honored to have been selected as principal of the Rocklin Alternative Education Center, home of Rocklin Independent Charter Academy and Victory High School. 

Rocklin Independent Charter Academy is a recognized for its academic rigor as well as the ongoing efforts to meet the social and emotional needs of its students.  We are also extremely excited that in 2016, thanks in great part to the students and parents, Rocklin Independent Charter received a six-year accreditation term from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We are very proud of these accomplishments as they affirm we are providing our students an effective and supportive educational environment. Here at RICA, we truly believe all students can be successful and this belief drives the work they do on a daily basis.  We also know, as demonstrated by our recent 2017 Graduating Class, that students leave us with the skills required for college and career readiness.

There are many people responsible for making Rocklin Independent Charter Academy such a safe and welcoming place to be.  The proverbial “all-hands on deck” approach to student success is a hallmark of the Rocklin Alternative Education Center.  You have our commitment to providing a rigorous program that supports needs of each of our students.  However, this collective responsibility includes you, the parents/guardians as well.  The evidence is overwhelming – the success of your child is directly impacted by your involvement with the academic learning process and the assurance of daily attendance.  

As a Rocklin resident for the past twenty-two years and a district employee for the past ten, I have had the good fortune of being a coach and mentor to many children within the Rocklin Community as well as serving a variety of roles in the Rocklin Unified School District, including Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement, Rock Creek, Rocklin Elementary and Sunset Ranch Elementary teacher, Assistant Principal at Sunset Ranch Elementary and most recently, Rocklin Independent Charter Academy.

I am honored to lead such an outstanding school community and eagerly anticipate another rewarding and successful year. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or input at any time.

Go Ravens!


Skott Hutton
Rocklin Alternative Education Center
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