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Rocklin Independent Charter Academy (RICA) is an accredited K-12 school that strives to meet the growing needs of students by offering a 3-Tier blended school model that keys into student's individual passions in learning.  By catering to these passions, students are best prepared for a lifetime of success in college and their careers. Teachers use a combination of direct-classroom instruction, project-based learning, on-line courses and independent study to build an educational plan to meet the needs of every student.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  Grades K-6 partner with families to provide a unique learning model where students can discover their passions and talents in a flexible and personalized learning environment.  Click on the K-6 TAB for detailed information.

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL:  At the middle and high school levels, RICA offers blended courses through the use of Schoology (an online interactive classroom) in all subject areas such as English, math, history, science, art, health and electives. These courses are taught using a wide range of resources from textbooks, videos, interactive lessons, and weekly project-based class meetings. Students are engaged in the materials through assignments, forums, journals, tests, quizzes, and surveys.

We also offer traditional online courses through a curriculum based program called "OdysseyWare". All rigorous and relevant course work is completed online at home or at school to meet the same requirement as our direct instruction classes.

In addition, some students also attend small direct-instruction classes in math and English as well as science labs. Students meet with teachers in traditional group settings and receive teacher-led instruction, participate in active conversations around texts, and collaborate on extended learning projects.

All student work is monitored by highly qualified credentialed teachers who meet weekly with students to review, correct, proctor and instruct in person. If students find they need more help, we provide tutoring.

The unique design of RICA gives students a voice in their own educational goals. This voice leads to an ownership in personal academic achievement and a more positive learning experience which, in turn, helps them find success in their future college and career choices.

ASB:  This year, RICA has introduced Associated Student Body (ASB). This course is designed to give students the opportunity for active participation in student leadership. Working with an advisor, students plan and conduct social activities for the school student population while learning about government procedures and earning elective or government credits.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results

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Staff Listing

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Skott Hutton - Principal
Chuck Thibideau - Assistant Principal
Rhonda Law - Counselor
Cara Lake
Jennifer Hampleman 
Teresa Benson 
John Costa
Natalie Bowen
Nicole Bullock
John DalFavero
Torrey Hardy 
Brian Long 
Kathy Mangelsdorf
Kathie Nevins 
Rebecca Rice
Joanne Shields
Daniella Zimmerman

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For Information about Rocklin Independent Charter Academy, please call 916-632-3195.
Mailing Address

Rocklin Independent Charter Academy
3250 Victory Drive
Rocklin, CA 95765

FAX: 916-632-8630
Hours of Operation
  • Office is open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday
Our Aspiration

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The mission of Rocklin Independent Charter Academy, a unique, innovative, and collaborative K-12 educational community, is to ensure our students become academically, socially, and emotionally balanced, discover their passion for lifelong learning, and thrive individually.

Rocklin Independent Charter Academy is distinguished by the following: 
● academic rigor with flexible pathways for college and career readiness
● highly qualified staff dedicated to identifying and addressing individual student needs
● friendly, safe, small classroom environments
● recognition and celebration of our students’ unique potential

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